Psychology Services Portsmouth

We offer independent psychological assessment and therapy, teaching and training, consultancy and clinical supervision and expert witness services

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We provide adult clinical psychology services to individuals, groups and organisations.  Dr Lisa Butler and Dr Imogen Howse have worked in and around Portsmouth for many years and each have significant NHS experience in providing mental health services to the local population.  

Both Lisa and Imogen are CBT therapists accredited by the BABCP, the leading CBT organisation in the UK, and have experience in providing treatments recommended by NICE for common mental health problems such as depression, anxiety problems, eating disorders and adult trauma related problems.  Further training has enabled Lisa to provide the trauma therapy, EMDR, to adults and adolescents and Imogen to provide Interpersonal Psychotherapy for depression.

As clinical psychologists Lisa and Imogen are also able to draw together a range of different psychological therapies to create a personalised treatment when no standard guidelines exist.  This is the case for problems such as low self-esteem and obesity and weight management where there is good research into treatments that help but no definitive guidelines at the present time.  The impact of childhood trauma on the adult can also require an individualised treatment plan as the effects of these experiences can differ greatly from person to person.  Lisa and Imogen seek to always create a plan that suits the individual person rather than expecting the person to fit the plan.

In addition to individual and group therapeutic interventions, Lisa and Imogen are experienced supervisors and trainers in a range of topics including mental health for social care professionals, communication skills for health care professionals and and using CBT in medical settings.  We also have experience as expert witnesses in family law where there is a need to consider the interaction of mental health problems, attachment relationships and parenting abilities.


We are BABCP Accredited CBT Therapists.  For more information about BABCP, please visit their website.