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We offer independent psychological assessment and therapy, teaching and training, consultancy and clinical supervision and expert witness services

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Other Services

Teaching and training

Lisa and Imogen have experience in devising and delivering training to health and social care staff.  This ranges from brief presentations within a themed study day to 3 day workshops devised to enhance the psychological knowledge and skills of a staff team.  Recent workshops have included the following:

  • How do mental health services conceptualise mental health problems: a 1 day workshop for a team of interpersonal abuse workers.
  • Using psychological methods when working with people with chronic health problems: a 3 day training programme covering models of mental health and psychological distress, CBT and motivational interviewing for nurses, occupational and physiotherapists and support workers.
  • Mental health disorders and psychological distress – using the medical model and attachment theory to increase understanding of the needs of clients with multiple problems:  a 2 day workshop for a multi-disciplinary service for troubled families.
  • Motivational interviewing to assist in person-centred planning: a 1.5 day workshop for nurses working with clients with chronic health problems.  
  • The psychology of birth trauma:  a presentation for midwives outlining PTSD and the psychological impact of perineal trauma.

Clinical Supervision and Consultancy

Clinical supervision is an area of work that both Lisa and Imogen value highly and they each have experience in providing supervision to non-psychology and psychology staff at all levels of experience and training. 

Psychological consultation can be helpful for an individual worker or team who want to gain a deeper level of understanding of the factors that may be influencing a client and the work they being undertaken. 

We are happy to provide single sessions of supervision or a one-off consultation as best suits your needs.

Expert Witness Services

We have experience of undertaking assessment, writing reports and giving evidence within the family courts.  Please contact us to discuss further.